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Micro focus X-ray inspection system
TOSMICRON-CH4090 Series (Tilted compact model)

This model is the X-ray system which pursues ease of use onsite.With the X-ray sensing technology of TOSHIBA, it can obtain clear X-ray image of the soldering condition of BGA and other electronic components. furthermore, it enables to perform simple and efficient inspection with the excellent user interface.

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・Equipped with Closed-type micro focus X-ray generation usable in maintenance-free.
・Equipped with Flat panel Detector has htgh image articulacy with no destortion.
・X-ray image from oblique angle is available.
・Software for BGA void calculation.
・Somgortable user interface can be performed all in the PC screen.
・Compact design takes up he smallest area for installation.

Primary specification
 X-ray generator  90 kV, 200 μA
 Focal spot size  5 μm
 X-ray sensor  FPD ( Flat Panel Detector )
 Magnification  160 times
 Sample table size  400 mm × 350 mm
 Outer dimensions  1050 mm(W) × 1050 mm(D) × 1430 mm(H)
 Mass  Approx. 620 kg
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