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  title Micro focus X-ray inspection system

TOSMICRON-S series common features

  TOSMICRON-S5000 シリーズ (傾斜型高機能タイプ)

TOSMICRON-S5000 series (Tilted high performance type)

  • High magnification for inspecting the IC and electronic components
  • Joint inspection for surface mounted devices
  • Inspection for small precision devices


  TOSMICRON-S3000,S4000 シリーズ (垂直型汎用タイプ)

TOSMICRON-S4000 series (Vertical type for general type)

  • IC, electronic parts inspection
  • Solder inspection of mounted chips
  • Small precision parts inspection
TOSMICRON-CH4000 series (Tilted Compact type)
  • Solder inspection of BGA
  • IC, electronic parts inspection series

TOSMICRON-C3000 series (Compact type)

  • Small Electric parts
  • Small Aluminum die casting

TOSMICRON-S series common features

■Operation screen is operated by just using a mouse


■?Inspection efficiency improves greatly!

TOSMICRON-S series realized excellent inspection efficiency by high-speed and high-accuracy mechanism, and various table feed function.

Adoption of high-speed, high-accuracy sample table

The sample table has high rigidity and accuracy. The inspection point can move even in the longest distance instantly and X-ray images can be displayed. Thanks to the high accuracy, the linear measuring function by the moving distance of the table and table auto-feeding allow higher inspection efficiency.

Sample table
(Can move in the longest distance instantly.)

Adjust the cross cursor to the starting point of measurement and move the table to the end point to measure the absolute distance.

<A example of Linear measurement>


Table auto-feed function(option)

This function allows automatic feed of the sample table under the preset conditions. Many samples put on the tray can be inspected in a certain pitch. Any inspection point on a board can be positioned automatically. Also, inspected images can be automatically saved and judgment results (NG, OK) can be entered, displayed, and saved.


<Main auto-feed function>

-Pitch feed for many trays (pitch between trays can be entered.)
-Random feed (inspection conditions at any inspection point can be registered.)
-Random pitch feed(a fixed pitch feed can be performed at each inspection point.)

Pitch feed for plural trays

Efficient inspection of the sample placed on the tray is possible. By input of pitch and number of each sample and each tray, automatic feed is possible.(In a right figure, 3 samples become 3 lines, and 2 trays become 2 lines.)


Random pitch feed(option)

This function can set inspection point at random. Furthermore, this function also can perform fixed pitch feed from the inspection point. Therefore, it can possible to inspect solder joint of PCB mounted BGA efficiently.


Input of the condition of automatic-feed, storage of the judgment result

By table automatic-feed function, it can set following conditions.
-Image processing
-Effectiveness of automatic-feed
-The time of automatic-feed
-Yes or No of image saving, etc.


Window for input conditions


Window for displaying judgment result

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■TOSMICRON-S series image example

TOSMICRON-S series is in compact design, but they can get high magnification image. Because they have kept enough distance between X-ray generator and sensor.

FD type and IN type

TOSMICRON-S series can offer both FD type (Loaded with Flat Panel Detector) and IN type (Loaded with Image Intensifier). With FD type can be obtained distortion-free image, on the other hand with IN type can be obtained high-sensitive, high-contrast image. Both type could be offered to meet the inspection requirement from our customers.

INタイプによる高感度画像(BGA) FDタイプによる歪みのない画像(BGA)
High sensitive image by IN type (BGA)
Distortion-free image by FD type (BGA)

High magnification
(300 times)

Top class magnification can be obtained for closed tube micro focus. Especially with FD type (TOSMICRON-S4090FD), high magnification, clear image which is more than 300 times can be materialized.

Chip capacitor(0.6mm×0.3mm) IC bonding wire
(300times image)

High quality tilted image

Tilted type (TOSMICRON-S5110IN) has adopted Synchro Tracking Method so it can keep magnification and constant brightness of X-ray image when the sensor is tilting.

ICボンディングワイヤの焼損 実装部品の半田クラック マルチチップモジュールの半田ボール欠損
Burned damage of IC bonding wire
Solder crack of mounted electronic component
Deficit of solder ball of multi chip module

■Various function of TOSMICRON-S series


Printing image attached incidental information

Format for printing is provided, which can print out X-ray image and its condition of inspection and image processing at the same time.


Print screen with the inspection conditions


Image processing applications

Our various original software meet the needs of the customers.

Main function

-?Integration / Averaging / Differential / Image filtering
-?Image replay / Repositioning
-?Measurement function
(2 points / Wire sweep / Round / Angle / Die attach / void measurement )
-?Profile / 3D display, etc.

Wire seep measurement of IC bonding Die attach measurement Differential processing 3D display ( Stereoscopic profile)

Other optional items for TOSMICRON-S series

・2 axes manipulator
・Laser pointer
・Various sample table
 (carbon, for heavy weight sample, etc.)

2軸回転装置 水平方向より透視したICのX線画像
2 axes manipulator(With clipping the object, it can inspect by rotating and tilting) Side view image of IC with using the manipulator.
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