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Industrial CT Scanner
Micro CT Scanner
Micro focus X-ray inspection system
Compact X-ray inspection system
In-line/Off-line X-ray inspection system
High speed X-ray fluoroscopic system
Crystal orientation measuring device
spacerNano Focus X-ray Inspection System
spacer(TX Lamino)
Non-destructive Inspection system, Inline X-ray Inspection systems
TOSRAY Series/X's Series
X's-Pro MR300

All-in-one general-purpose model

X's-ProU MR300

 ・IC (tray correspondence)
 ・Mechanical parts
 ・Resin cast etc.


This is a general-purpose inspection system and highly flexible in selecting its irradiation direction according to the size and shape of an inspection object.


 ・IC (tray correspondence)
 ・Mechanical parts
 ・Resin cast etc.

X's OFFLINE (エクシーズ オフライン)

Various inspection modes such as fully-auto,manual, teaching, can be selected.

 ・IC (tray correspondence)
 ・Aluminum parts etc.

TOSRAY / X's(エクシーズ)シリーズ

In-line (automatic) inspection equipment

TOSRAY / X's(Exceeds)Series

 ・Aluminum wheel
 ・Aluminum parts etc.

Application products and a field

・Versatile applications from offline inspection to inline inspection adapted to inspected products.
・Many systems delivered to customer sites -Rich record of achievement and in-depth experience
will support your quality control requirements.

※X's-Pro MR300

・Free selection of X-ray generator energy and X-ray Image Intensifier apparatus field of vision of depending on material, size and detection dimensions of inspected products.

Max. Penetration Thickness Aluminum 200 mm, iron 50 mm
Detection Capacity Flaws and foreign matter 10m in minimum size can be detected *1
Inspection Field of Vision
(X-ray Image Intensifier Apparatus)
4/2, 6, 7/4, 9/6/4.5, 12/9/6, 14" and other sizes selectable

*1 : Recognizable flaw sizes vary in accordance with materials and shapes of flaws,
size of the X-ray Image Intensifier apparatus and system layout.

・Many kinds and types of inspection objects can be inspected through handling and moving mechanism proposals suiting products and a teaching function for registration of many inspection conditions.

  -Mixing of foreign matter inside products
-Natural defects in manufacturing process
-Shape inspection
-Dimension inspection
(Assurance of specification in product performance)
-Inspection of parts inside products
(presence or non-presence)
-Inspection of amounts of materials filled into products
・Micro Focus X-ray and flat panel sensor can be combined.
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