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spacerNano Focus X-ray Inspection System
spacer(TX Lamino)
Toshiba Nano Focus X-ray Inspection System With Lamino CT


 ・High resolution
   Equipped with Nano focus X-ray generator
   High definition Beryllium Image Intensifier

 ・Automatic tracking of center FOV while tilting and rotation

 ・High resolution
   Equipped with 4M pixels camera

 ・Lamino CT(Oblique CT)

 ・High image quality
   Adopted 4K monitor

 ・Vertical CT -Option



 Wire bonding イメージ4 イメージ1
BGA Enlargement

   Main specifications

 X-ray generator
Open trans-emission type
 Tube voltage / current
 X-ray focal spot size
High definition Beryllium X-ray I.I((4/2inches)*1
 Effective pixels
 of camera
4M pixels
 Output of gray steps
 Geometrical magnification
2000 times(Theoretical value)
 Mechanism unit
6axes(included Tilting ・Rotation)
 X / Y stage stroke
 Stage rotation
0°〜 360°(Horizontal)
 Tilting stroke
(X-ray detector)
 Tracking FOV function
Automatic tracking of center FOV while tilting and rotation
 Optimized image
Automatic optimized function / Manual operation
 Lamino CT
(Oblique CT)
CT data acquisition(Arbitrary tilting angle)
 Inspection window
Lead glass
 Outer dimensions
Shield cabinet:Approx.W1600×D1600×H2000mm Operation panel:Approx.W1600×D800×H750mm (Desk height)
 Leakage dose
1μSv/h or less
High-density packaging,
various kind of electronic components, etc.
   CT optional function


 CT function
 Vertical CT(Cone beam CT)
Vertical CT unit(Possible to exchange it for sample stage)

   Image analysis・measurement function


 Measurement function
Die attach, Wire sweep, 2 points ?measurement
, void calculation, BGA Void ratio measurement
 Analysis function
Pseudo color, Profile, Histogram, 3D display

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